Secure Messaging

The Problem

When two parties exchange information, there is usually no reason why anyone else should see the content. We have come a long way in securing website accesses with encryption, and in encrypting E-Mail Up- and Downlinks between the user’s side and the servers. However, the provider who runs the server still has full access to all of the data content being stored and transmitted, because encryption ends at the servers‘ outer interface – inside, information is usually stored in plaintext. This is true for many traditional providers, and also for cloud services – you may be able to configure encryption, but a) you need to actually do it, and b) the provider may still know the key.

The Solution

Use End-to-End (E2E) encryption. E2E means that any content is encrypted on the sender’s systems, for a key which only the receiver has, and nobody in-between.

The technologies necessary have been around for 20 years or more – adaptation is still slow, and that’s because there is some initial effort in registering the respective users. However, it’s a strong trend. After the initial effort, confidentiality between the parties is established.

We provide E2E confidentiality solutions – and we can show you immediately if you provide us with the chance by contacting us.