Independent Information Security Consulting and Implementation

We are committed to making information systems work, and making them more secure.

We do this by leading information management and security projects, by providing technical and organisational consulting, and by conducting compliance control.

Several additional service complete the catalog.

Update 25 October 2019: We have been informed that someone tries to commit fraud in our name. Specifically, phishing e-mails have been sent around by a party unknown to us, using our e-mail address and the logo that was published on our website. None of the recipients we know of has had any business relation to us.

These mails do no originate in our own infrastructure. At least some of them contain attachments, and we have been informed that those may look like invoices originating from us.

They do not. We decisively point out that we do not have any relation to those activities.

We recommend to all recipients of those e-mails, never to open the attachments in those e-mails, and to delete those e-mails without reading them. Those of our partners who may expect an invoice from us in the near future have been informed by us individually (not be e-mail). In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Further information on phishing may be obtained in many places, e.g. on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, this fraud scheme is currently quite common and other organisations may be affected in a similar manner.